What will it take to create harmony among people and planet?


Contact and Consciousness bridges and correlates discoveries across academia, industry, leadership, social architecture and transformative processes that lead to  establishing harmony among people and planet.


Contact and Consciousness?

It’s everywhere we encounter others daily, personally and professionally, including the non-linear and non-local moments with non-human intelligence beyond imagination for most folks.

It’s time we became aware of just how it all works in harmony – the form, fit and function that facilitates the process of chaos to order in our minds, our hearts and our lives as we move further into the 21st Century. It is a time of great importance in the evolution of our planetary civilization.

Harmony among people and planet may sound like some new-agey gobbledygook, yet it is more pragmatic to our survival. It is biophilic; the human urge to affiliate with other forms of life, and is the basic foundation from which our sustainability on Earth hinges.

Harmony is the effective management of chaos and change; the non-directed energy we create through the multi-faceted fears of all we imaginate. Harmony is also the well-managed resources of humankind, creating a flow of conditions rather than impositions. It is true collaboration of people, places and things working for the good of all.

This foundation is holistic in nature and unites nearly every field of study. We’re beginning with the most obvious – consciousness. Even the study of consciousness is fragmented into so many fields that few are able to correlate or cross-reference. That is our goal – to collaborate in sharing findings and theories, perhaps finding a unified field in the process.

Our Team – growing as we develop.

Zen Benefiel

Possibilities Coagulator

Luba Brodsky-Benefiel

Creative Inspirator


This is our wish list of intended speakers, a cross-section of  expertise across multiple fields of study in consciousness. The style of the event is under discussion. We’re leaning toward an online summit initially for ease of content management.
We’ve gathered head shots here, developing a kind of ‘head house’ of sorts. The concept of ‘head house’ was introduced by Michael Valentine Zomorrow a couple of decades ago. The main room of his home had head shots of various folks across multiple fields of fame and study, a kind of contact and consciousness on very subtle levels yet perceptively available.
He believed he could look into their eyes and garner wisdom; answers to questions of deep significance that the wisdom of their expertise and wisdom might provide.
If you would like to recommend someone for the list, please contact us below.

Tom Campbell

TOE Tickler

Susan Blackmore

Memes and Mayhem

Chris Anderson

Ideas Worth Sharing

Bernard Baars

Mental Theaterist

Lisa Feldman Barrett

Emotional Constructs

Dr. Avinash De Sousa

Better Mental Constructs

Flemming Funch

Systems Conversationalist

Nora Bateson


John Kellden


Dr. Raymond Moody

Near Death & Nonsense

PMH Atwater

Developing Humans

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

Morphic Resonator

Jim Carrey

Personality & Purpose

Graham Hancock

Past Harvester

Dr. Peter Senge

Learning Systems

Dr. Carol Rosin

Emissary for Space Peace

Dr. Otto Scharmer


Alex M. Vikoulov


Anthony Peake

Perceptive Doors

Lynne McTaggart

Intentional Experimentor

Dr. Gary Schwartz

Advances in Consciousness

Dr. Constance Jones

Transformative Interpreter

Rupert Spira


Ken Wilber


Dr. Bruce Lipton

Think Beyond Your Genes

Swami Beyondananda

New Age Upwiser

Johnny Depp

Fringe Player

Dr. Kristine Quade

Dynamical Leader

Dr. Joseph Burkes

TOTENCET Interactivist

Eric Pepin

Higher Balance Institutor

Jason Silva


Rob Brezsny

Star Whisperer

Dr. Joe Dispenza


Dr. Michio Kaku

Quantum Conduit

Deep Prasad


Dr. Vernon Neppe

TDVP Co-Creator

Decades Ago....